Custom Home Remodeling Contractors in St Louis, MO

When you are ready to move into a home, but cannot find one that matches your specific needs, you should consider building a house to ensure you do not have to compromise. For more than 25 years, residents in the St. Louis, MO area have trusted us to build their dream home. We can build a home from the ground up or remodel an entire house for you. Our trained contractors are ready to design floorplans to meet your specific requests. You can depend on us for a variety of choices when it comes to different features, so you can live in a custom home. From kitchen cabinets to window placement, you will be able to describe your vision to our home remodeling contractors in St. Louis, MO.

Every Aspect is Catered to You

Unlike other businesses, we’re a full-service home construction company that offers almost everything houses need. Our custom home designs factor in not just the basic layout, but electrical, plumbing, and appliances too. The house is as big or small as you want, with your choice as to the number of floors and rooms. You pick the colors, the materials, the style, and so much more. This lets you live in a home that’s made for you in every way, without having to compromise on anything.

Although it seems like a big expense at first, having your home built can save you money over time. The older a house is, the less efficient it tends to be. A new house, on the other hand, would have newer and more energy efficient technology. It’s also far less likely to need repairs anytime soon, which helps the investment to pay for itself. More importantly, you can’t put a price tag on personalization. Many homeowners agree that having their spaces the way they like is worth every penny.

We Handle the Whole Process

Building a house sounds like a massive project, but it’s easy when we’re the ones doing it. We’ve been building custom homes for decades and have expertly trained contractors in our employ. All you have to do is get in touch with us and let us know what your vision is, and we take it from there. Our work is fully insured with workers compensation and liability insurance, so you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

Whether you are in need of basement remodeling in St. Louis or kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, you can turn to JM Construction / JM Kitchen And Bath for all your renovation needs. Contact our team today to discuss custom home plans.