Remodeling with Modern Bathroom Interior Designs

It’s time to remodel one of the most popular rooms in your house — arguably, your bathroom. Before you start, think about what you would like in this space. A prevalent design theme that stands the test of time is modern bathroom design in St. Louis.


When you think modern, a certain picture comes into your mind — a clean look, one that is free of flourishes and complexity. Such a serene appeal is ideal for this room, where peace and quiet are a necessity.


Defining Modern Design

You have the picture in your mind. Now, here are the details that define modern bathroom design:

  • Geometric Shapes — Circles, Squares, & Rectangles
  • Natural Materials — Tile & Stone
  • Colors — Often White, Gray, Black
  • Open Plan — Lots of Space to Incorporate Simplicity
  • Minimal Decorative Elements — No Frou-Frou, Ruffles, or Bric-a-Brac


Fill the Room with Open Space

Look to a remodeling company that specializes in design and construction to handle your remodeling project. Such a company has interior designers on staff to work with you in coming up with ideas, as well as choosing the pieces that reflect the appeal of this style.

One of the challenges is ensuring a limit of what goes into this space — only the basics, only what is necessary. With interior design for bathrooms, there is no need to fill up all of the space. Instead, the open floor plan is the goal you’re trying to achieve.


Modern is a step up from minimalist, which can be stark and spare. With minimalist, all of the emphasis is on function: No frills allowed. With modern, you can go so far as to add a second sedate color or even a touch of decoration to enhance the space but still offer that inviting openness.