Interior Design Principles That Every Homeowner Should Know

interior designYou can make your home an outstanding paragon of style and fashion or a very comfortable oasis of relaxation by following some simple tips on residential interior design in St. Louis from the team at JM Construction.

You want to consider proportion and scale. The right proportions are visible in nature and art and can be replicated in your home for comfort and a pleasing environment for the mind as well as the eye.

Balance is a residential interior design concept that comes in one of three forms: formal, asymmetrical, or radial. Formal, or symmetrical balance, has your space split in two and equally mirroring each other. Asymmetrical, also known as informal, colors, lines, and forms are balanced minus the exact duplication. Radial balance focuses on a central point with other elements radiating around it.

Harmony and emphasis are two other themes that should be given some thought. Harmony takes all elements acting together for success, while emphasis requires an anchor point in the room, such as a brick fireplace or a strikingly large mirror.

By following these simple principles and communicating with your contractor, you can achieve a stunning design in your home. If you wish to learn more, give JM Construction a call.