bathroom design

How to Make Sure Your Bathroom Never Goes Out of Style

Designing a room based on trends means it can quickly go out of style, so it’s best to carefully consider your bathroom interior design in St. Louis. There are several ways you can give your bathroom enduring functionality that never loses its charm.

Timeless Tile

Subway tile has a classic quality that never seems to lose favor. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and provides an elegant and clean appearance.

Warmth In White

White is always an excellent choice to give the space a crisp, clean look and make it seem larger than it is. Choose warmer, inviting whites to avoid creating a stark atmosphere, and your bathroom will start to feel like an upscale spa.

Frameless Shower

All-glass showers are very popular and can open up the space. When you design a shower without the metal strip that runs the length of the surrounding glass, it can create a more sophisticated look and help show off the tile.

Small Functional Details

Small changes can sometimes make the biggest difference. An ankle-height niche as a foothold for shaving or an inset shelf for your shampoo and conditioner are considerate upgrades that everyone will appreciate.

Bathroom interior design doesn’t have to be groundbreaking; simple, practical changes can give the space a timeless look that provides years of pleasure.