Creating The Perfect Kids Playroom

With kids come toys. Lots and lots of toys! Every parent knows the struggle of having their living room converted into a playroom. Keeping the kids entertained and occupied versus keeping your house tidy and livable is a daily battle. But what if everyone could have their own space to enjoy? The ideal solution to this struggle is to have a dedicated playroom – an area where the kids can play happily, but without having every toy they own strewn throughout your house.

Turn your spare bedroom or a corner of the basement into a play space or improve the value of your home by adding a loft conversion or an extension to make a playroom the kids will love. Wherever you make room, use these tips for creating the perfect space.

  1. Storage, storage, storage
    Kids accumulate a lot of stuff, so it’s necessary to keep the place tidy by having ample storage, including shelves, toy boxes, and cupboards to tuck away their things.
  1. Floorspace
    You don’t want to overcrowd the room, leaving the kiddos with no room to spread out their things to play. The more floor space you can give them, the better.
  1. Comfy Space
    While the kids will love their own play area, they’ll also love their own chill-out zone. Bean bag chairs make the perfect spot to read a good book, play video games, or watch a favorite movie.

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