Building a Basement Bar

home bar and entertainment area A basement is often not used to its full potential in many homes. Rather than being a space for relaxation and recreation, it mainly fills the role of storage space and laundry room, and not much else.

Rather than putting an old couch down there and hanging out with friends while sipping on a cocktail, full-on basement remodeling in St. Louis is the way to go. It lets you get more enjoyment out of your living space and it also will increase the value of your home.

The team at JM Construction has a wealth of experience with basement remodeling, and we’re going to discuss building a basement bar.

Dampness can be a problem with a basement, so your contractor will create a plan to control it so that you won’t be saddled with moisture, mildew, and mustiness. Then the next major step is installing plumbing and electrical wiring.

Of course, the focal point of a basement saloon or tavern is the bar itself. A full-size unit draws guests toward it whether they are drinking or not, just for the social aspect. Once your contractor has installed a bar, then you need to choose the furniture that complements the bar itself.

Choose tasteful direct and indirect lighting, then paint, decorate, and enjoy your new bar.