Basement Remodeling 101

finished basementThe space under your home is often underutilized but can add excellent usable square footage. When considering basement remodeling in St. Louis, there are several factors you should take into consideration before calling in a contractor.

Moisture Control

Basements are notorious for being damp and wet. Your basement remodeling should account for ensuring the time and money you put into the redesign doesn’t result in moldy baseboards and wet spots.

Determine Its Use

Decide on the primary reason you want to expand into your basement, and base your design on that goal. For many, the basement becomes a game room, family room, or home theater.

Put Up Walls

Although basements have walls, if you want to run electrical wiring, you’ll need a way to hide it. While the new walls won’t provide structural integrity, they will allow you to run wires throughout the space and offer a way to mount outlets and fixtures.

Electrical Upgrades

Behind those walls is the all-important electrical system. Staying up to code with wiring is vital. Many basements are not up to code, but a qualified company will ensure you have a way to keep the lights on.

Let There Be Lighting

Basements are dark, often the windows are small, and it can end up feeling like a dungeon. Good lighting design can make all the difference to your basement remodeling project.