4 Reasons to Choose a Frameless Shower Door for Your Bathroom

St. Louis Bathroom RemodelingA bathroom renovation is a huge project to tackle and we want to break down the process for you. When renovating your bathroom, there are many small decisions to make along the way before you can enjoy your updated bathroom. One of those decisions is selecting the right shower door to compliment your new space. Here are some benefits of choosing a frameless shower door for your bathroom renovation.

Luxurious– Achieve an elegant and modern look by installing frameless glass shower doors in your new bathroom. With clean lines, your bathroom will instantly feel larger and luxurious.

Customizable– No two showers are the same, which makes installing shower doors difficult. Since frameless glass doors are customizable, you can have one made to fit your specific shower.

Easier to clean– Cleaning mold and mildew off shower doors is not the way you want to spend your weekends. Unlike other shower doors, there are no grooves in a frameless shower door for mildew to grow, which cuts down on the cleaning time.

Protecting your investment – Another way you can invest in your home is to purchase ShowerGuard glass for your shower. This glass is one-of-a-kind because it permanently protects against staining and corrosion. You never have to worry about replacing the glass because it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

For St. Louis bathroom remodeling, you can depend on JM Construction to revive your bathroom. We will help you make decisions throughout the renovation process to ensure you adore your new space. Give us a call today at (636) 332-6800 to schedule a design consultation with our team of professionals.