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Make Smart Choices for Your Living Room Remodeling

When it comes to maximizing your space, it is crucial to think about what sort of remodeling in St. Charles, MO, you want to do and how to best approach it. By creating this game plan, you are able to not only stretch your dollar, but also get a final product that is as close as possible to your original ideas and goals. Some of the different renovation choices to consider that can make a huge difference in your space include:

Replacing Your Front Entry Door – Your front door doesn’t just affect the curb appeal of your home, but it also plays a vital role in the overall aesthetic of your living room. That means remodeling it can play double duty when it comes to freshening up the look and feel of your property.

Replacing Your Windows – Nothing is quite as stimulating as natural light streaming into your home. With updated windows, you are able to gain all the benefits that come with the sun’s rays while also improving the overall look of your home’s interior and exterior. Replacing older windows can also help fix problems with drafts to help you save energy and money.

Choose the Right Color Palette – What colors inspire you, and how do these colors work together? By choosing a complementary color palette that meets both your needs and the look of your home, you are able to drastically alter the mood of your room—as well as the mood of those who step inside of it.

Create Faux Extra Space – You may not be able to start knocking down walls and putting on new additions, but that doesn’t mean your remodeling job can’t help to make your space look bigger. There are many simple adjustments, including adding area rugs, painting the ceiling, mounting higher shelves, and building in storage units that can give you the appearance of more space without incurring significant remodeling costs.


Schedule a Sunroom Renovation in Time for Summer

A sunroom brings a wealth of benefits to your home all year long, but it is during the summertime when this additional living space really begins to shine. To make sure you are getting the most from this area before those summer months start rolling in, you are going to want to schedule a sunroom renovation. This ensures you are getting the most from this space, including:

Loads of Natural Light – Sunlight can lower blood pressure, boost immune systems, and even fight depression. But during the heat of the summer, you might not want to find yourself stuck outside for an extended period of time. A sunroom is a perfect compromise. You get the sunshine you want, but in the comfort of an air-conditioned room.

Perfect for Plants – When you are looking to create a little herb garden; your sunroom is the ideal place to do it. It allows plants to get all of the sun they need without putting them at risk of animals, insects, and other threats that might want to turn your little green beauties into their snack.

Entertain in Style – In the summer, your sunroom can be the perfect place to entertain yourself, your children, or your guests. From hosting brunch to afternoon tea with the girls, your sunroom offers plenty of room and atmosphere to create the perfect environment for bonding.

bathroom design

How to Make Sure Your Bathroom Never Goes Out of Style

Designing a room based on trends means it can quickly go out of style, so it’s best to carefully consider your bathroom interior design in St. Louis. There are several ways you can give your bathroom enduring functionality that never loses its charm.

Timeless Tile

Subway tile has a classic quality that never seems to lose favor. It comes in a wide range of colors and patterns and provides an elegant and clean appearance.

Warmth In White

White is always an excellent choice to give the space a crisp, clean look and make it seem larger than it is. Choose warmer, inviting whites to avoid creating a stark atmosphere, and your bathroom will start to feel like an upscale spa.

Frameless Shower

All-glass showers are very popular and can open up the space. When you design a shower without the metal strip that runs the length of the surrounding glass, it can create a more sophisticated look and help show off the tile.

Small Functional Details

Small changes can sometimes make the biggest difference. An ankle-height niche as a foothold for shaving or an inset shelf for your shampoo and conditioner are considerate upgrades that everyone will appreciate.

Bathroom interior design doesn’t have to be groundbreaking; simple, practical changes can give the space a timeless look that provides years of pleasure.

kitchen remodeling

The Best Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen to Sell Your Home

Although upgrades are a sure-fire way to increase the potential for a quick home sale, kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, MO, should be completed by an experienced company. You want to ensure quality craftsmanship and value for your money. There’s nothing worse than spending more on your upgrade than you can get in return.

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are a valuable resource when considering renovations for resale. They know what works, what doesn’t, and what turns off buyers completely.

Keep It Simple

People will almost always want to change your décor, so rather than infuse the design with your personal taste, make the tones muted and natural. That way, potential buyers can see themselves in the space more easily.

Go for Granite

Longevity, style, and beauty all come pre-packaged with granite countertops. There is no denying the value they add to a kitchen and are often highlighted in house listings as a point of interest.

Open Concept

Open up that galley kitchen or remove a wall or two if the budget allows. These days, more and more homebuyers are looking for open spaces and room to entertain.

Make It Pop

When you want to stand out, choose a feature that has a wow factor. Pull-out pantries, soft-close drawers, and under-counter lighting can all add extra interest to your kitchen.

Take the time to plan your kitchen remodeling and you’ll reap the benefits when it comes time for resale.