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A St. Louis Sunroom Renovation Can Combine Relaxation with an In-Home Office

Whether you’re working from home or want a place to focus on your hobby, there’s an easy way to make a space for that. A simple sunroom renovation in St. Louis can turn it into the perfect home office to meet your needs. Enjoy a beautiful space where you can get some work done with no commute necessary. Being productive is much easier and more fun when it’s in a space where you can feel comfortable, and it doesn’t take much to make your sunroom double as an office.

A sunroom renovation could include plants for clean air, curtains and blinds for privacy, or soft rugs for taking breaks. The best part about a home office is that you can decorate it however you like with no company policy to get in the way of your artistic vision. Sunrooms are particularly well suited to work in because having lots of sunlight makes spending hours in front of a computer screen much easier on your eyes. Whenever you need to look away and rest, you can enjoy a lovely view of your yard and garden. Companies like JM Construction can offer even more ways to make your sunroom work for work.


The Right Interior Design for Kitchens Can Make Yours Party Central in St. Louis

Diagonal Split Screen Of Drawing and Photo of Beautiful New KitchenThese days, your kitchen can offer so much more than meal preparation. With a few tricks, it can be the social center of your home where family and friends gather together to make memories. Factoring socialization into an interior for kitchens in St. Louis can pay off when you host your next event. Everything from the size to the seating makes a difference. Bar stools let your guests keep you company while you get dinner ready. A spacious design allows for multiple cooks to comfortably work together in the same space.

Some features of interior design for kitchens to consider are cabinets, countertops, and islands. Certain kinds of cabinetry can even store a TV for people to watch with you, and the countertop is an excellent place to put out plates and bowls of food. As for the island, it can provide seating, storage, and serving area to meet your party needs. All of these elements together make your kitchen the best place to hang out and have fun. Consult a trusted company like JM Construction to learn more about how you can make this happen.