Posts made in July 2016

Who Says “Don’t Mess with Mother Nature?”

Quartz has given Mother Nature a run for her money. Unlike Granite Quartz is man-made, mixed with components that eliminate porosity which eliminates bacteria growth. Quartz NEVER has to be sealed and unlike Granite it can also be purchased in solid colors.

Don’t Pout over the Grout

Once the tile has been selected it doesn’t have to be stressful choosing the grout. Easy guidelines to go by:

  • Choose gray tones in high traffic, busy areas that work well to hide the grime
  • Choose neutral tones to harmonize
  • Choose dark tones to create drama, attract attention

LOU the WHO?

Sometimes it’s better to trust a local contractor/dealer and not worry so much about saving a few dollars on an item or two. More times than not the local dealer will employ their own staff and be able to stay with the project from start to finish, unlike the Home Improvement companies that only use sub-contractors and no control over how or when the project goes.